Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Some blog policies...

Lately I've had a few comments posted about which I've been ambivalent. I had no problem with the content of the comments, but I didn't like that the commenters chose to include a link to a commercial website. Since I'm not a billboard, I don't want my blog to become one either, even in a small way. So I've deleted those comments. Maybe those people will come back and comment in their personal capacity instead of their commercial capacity. But maybe not, and that's OK too.

I really like the community aspect of blogging, with the sharing of ideas, encouragement, and even outrage at times. I also like it when commenters point out flaws in my logic, or mention other aspects of a situation I may not have thought of, or fully considered. By and large, these are the type of comments that people post here. I'm still amazed that people comment at all since this blog largely consists of my ramblings as I talk to myself and track my personal development as I think about and do things in new ways. What I didn't anticipate when starting this blog is that there would one day be some comments posted that are mostly just ways to direct traffic to another site --one that's selling something. This is fairly hilarious actually, given the very modest traffic to this site.

So, with that lengthy explanation, I've decided to post the following blog polices, borrowing heavily from Chile (with her permission of course!):

1. This blog will remain ad-free.

2. I will allow no free ads on my blog disguised as comments.

3. If I post about a book or an item, it is because I like it and think other people might find it similarly useful or helpful, not because I've been paid or asked to talk about it for some kind of secondary gain. (That's not likely to happen anyway, but just in case.) People are welcome to leave comments about something they love as well, but comments left by someone representing a commercial enterprise, even a 'green' one, will be deleted. I'm not doing this to sell stuff or to help companies sell their stuff.

4. Memes are fun, as long as they are relevant to the content and purpose of this blog, and don't begin to resemble chain mail. I'm likely to break meme 'rules' on a whim.

5. Diverse and contradictory viewpoints are welcome in the comments as long as they are expressed in a respectful and open minded manner.

6. Added March 8, 2009: Swearing will not be tolerated. Comments that contain swearing or other obscene language will be deleted.

7. Also added March 8, 2009: Anonymous posting has been turned off. It is my firm view that if you aren't willing to sign your name (even a pseudonym!) to your comments, they are better left unsaid. We are all accountable for what we say.

That is all. Have a nice day!


Chile said...

Very nicely put, Theresa. I tend to be fairly blunt, but you prettied it up real nice. :)

Theresa said...

Although sometimes pretty just gets in the way of the truth! Thanks for letting me use your policies for the core points Chile :)

Chile said...

Theresa, please note my long comment on my 1/1/09 post (over on my blog - it references a comment on your beginning of the year post here.)

Feel free to delete this comment after reading. :)