Monday, 5 May 2008

A type of hearing impairment...

We had made plans to go to the CSA farm yesterday to help with the Spring planting along with the other farm helpers. Unfortunately, we didn't end up going, for reasons that really pointed out to me how out of tune I am with what farming is all about.

It dawned on me later that farmers plant when the weather and the land say the time is right, and everything else is secondary. So next time, I will listen more to what nature is saying, and err on the side of generosity and taking a chance, rather than wait for reminders that are at a remove from nature, like extra phone calls and emails.

I shook my head at myself afterwards thinking, why do I need another email or phone call, when the gorgeous weather is calling out: "It's planting time! Come help with the planting!"

I found out later that there was lots and lots of planting going on, and that all hands were, and still are, welcome. Ah, farmers. They don't discriminate against people like me, who have the dreaded H.N.I. disorder: "Hearing Nature Impairment. " I bet they've got the cure for it, too: equal parts dirt and community.


creme brulee aka GH said...

thanks for your excellent comments back at It Strikes Me Funny, theresa.

though i am officially a flexitarian at present i have gradually cut back on meat, and enjoy meatless meals a lot more than last year.

i play hockey in the winter, run and cycle regularly and feel as energetic as ever. I'm not world-class at my age, but still keep up!

I was definitely influenced by The End of Food (Thomas Pawlick) and The Omnivore's Dilemma. My dad kept chickens for years, and our family enjoyed their eggs and meat, but I can't support today's methods related to meat production.

Sadly, we turn everything into an industry for the sake of the economy and humane philosophies are left at the door.

best wishes, gord h.

DC said...

Well, don't be too hard on yourself. A lot of people don't even know what a CSA is. If I asked some of my relatives for what the acronym stood for, I'm pretty sure they would say (proudly) ”Confederate States of America.”

Heather said...

Helping sounds like it would be lots of fun. The farm where we get our dairy has days where you can come out and have a picnic, learn how they do things, etc. I've been wanting to do that.

Are there many CSAs in your area? We have just one, but I've heard other talk about starting one up.

Theresa said...

You're welcome GH! Flexitarian - that's what Gord would probably be too, I think. Just now and then meat. And he was even a good sport and tried my lentil apricot soup the other day!

Thanks DC - I felt like a bit of a dimwit, but I think the farmers are used to city folk's misunderstandings. Things will be better once I get to know them better as people too, then it wouldn't be such a strange thing to do to just pop over and see if they need help without any advance invitation.

Heather - yes, I'm really looking forward to helping and learning! They were cutting and planting seed potatoes I found out later, and that was something I wanted to learn to do. I have only found this one CSA in my area - and it turned out to be very close to me which is fortunate! The farmers said there isn't much call for them around here yet, because the city folk don't think about buying their food that way, and the country folk all have their own gardens. I'm a town girl learning about country things, so I'm right in the middle!