Sunday, 27 March 2005

An eye opening experience

It was on our 1st anniversary trip to Victoria where I had a major perspective changing event occur. We were on our way back to Edmonton after our trip was over, and we had taken one of the first BC Ferries of the day from Swartz Bay to Tsawassen. Coming down to the car deck as we neared port, I noticed that some chicken poo had gotten on my nice red Jetta's hood. This pissed me off, since this was the nicest car I had ever had and now some stupid birds had gone and shat upon it. So I turned to look over at the poultry transport truck and there she was: a scared looking chicken looking right back at me. Stuffed into a 1 ft by 1ft by 3 feet metal cage, with at least three other chickens in there. Right there I realized that humans should not be doing this to animals! Animals should not be made to suffer! They have no capacity for evil and yet they are being treated as expendable, meaningless "products" for human exploitation. I was sickened. Sickened at my own ignorance and nauseous at the state of humanity. That was my first real step towards becoming a vegetarian.