Sunday, 17 June 2007


Well, lookie here! Some little sprouts have already come up in the garden. My written labels have all washed away in the recent rains, but according to my grid, these little leaves are evidence of radishes! Gord loves radishes, and will be happy to eat the first one, in a couple more weeks maybe. It looks like I planted a few too many seeds per hole, so I will probably have to thin these out a bit.

The plastic fork in there is part of my grid-wide "cat deterrent system." I read about putting sticks into gardens and flower beds to keep cats away -- apparently they don't like to have to dodge around the sticks and so just don't bother. I will be very angry indeed if a cat comes along and digs in my nice clean garden!

Oh, and yes we are going to make an effort to eat more local food starting right way - more about that later this week...

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