Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Sprouts II !

So I cheated a bit and bought some already-sprouted lettuces from Prairie Gardens and Greenhouses today. I had planned to do that, because I thought I had started the garden too late for lettuce. But my mom says that lettuce is actually a somewhat faster-than-average growing plant, so what I did was plant these sprouts now, and also some seeds at the same time, at her suggestion, to stagger the harvest (Mmmm...harvest). I got a variety pack of lettuce - I'm not really sure what types are in there, since the label stick just said "mesclun variety" or something like that. I'm calling the lettuce squares D2 and D3, a la that "You Sunk My Battleship" game.

The radishes are coming along nicely in spot A2, and in spot D4, the oatgrass has also sprouted. I may add a few more seeds in the oatgrass square, but I will wait a while yet to see how far they spread.

Gord came along with me to the greenhouse and we also decided to try our hand at growing tomatoes, so we got one fairly large plant which we have just planted in a 5 gallon bucket for now. I have staked it with some bamboo stakes, which I hope will do the trick. We also got a six pack of strawberries, a variety that produces an early and a late crop. We have to figure out the best place to plant these, since they need full sun.

Unfortunately, Gord called the Dirt Guy today and due to the recent heavy rains he is behind schedule and won't be able to deliver our dirt until next week. This really disappointed me. I'll have to do some thinking about why it dissappointed me so much. It's probably got to do with me becoming overly attached to things going a certain way (i.e., MY way), on a certain schedule (i.e., MY schedule). Maybe more on that another day.

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