Friday, 15 June 2007

Eat Local Challenge!

The Crunchy Chicken lady is challenging people to eat more local foods starting in the month of July. I have signed Gord and I up for it, even though I haven't yet asked Gord about it officially. We have been talking more and more about doing it though, especially since that is why we planted our own garden. CBC Radio has been doing a special on eating locally as well, with the McKay family of Edmonton choosing to eat a "100 mile diet" for a year, just like those people in Vancouver did/are doing.

The McKays have done a lot of research which will help us eat more locally, and we will also be going to more farmers markets in the area. I still want to go visit the Sparrow's Nest organic farm up the road from us in Opal, AB, and I would like to make it out to the Peas on Earth organic farm near St. Albert.

We also need to decide if we should get a small deep freeze to store any veggies that may miraculously grow. I have to research their energy consumption and see what we think about that.

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