Friday, 26 February 2010

Week of Wellness: Day 5

It's Friday, the last day of my retreat-style week. There is absolutely nothing on my agenda for this morning and this afternoon, and in fact the electricity is scheduled to go out for the entire afternoon, which will mesh nicely with my intention to start reading one of the four books I picked up from the library yesterday. I've got a bell on my computer set so that it chimes on the hour and quarter hours, and when it does I stop what I'm doing for a minute, breathe, and just appreciate that I am here at home, relaxing, while the sun pours in the windows.

Tomorrow the weekend proper begins, but it should be more laid back than usual this time because I'm caught up on some laundry and other chores. Then it's back to work on Monday, and I think I will be ready for it. It's been good to get some peace, to watch some of the silly habits of my mind, and just have some space and time to slow down. Hopefully I can carry some of that spaciousness back to work with me, at least for a little while.

Happy Friday everyone, and do enjoy your weekend!


Jerry said...

Maybe you will "slip on the ice" and need more days to yourself.

Eco Yogini said...

oh, the bell chime is a nice way to remind yourself. Did it work?

I hope you had a wonderful, literary and peaceful day yesterday!

Happy Weekend!!

Simply Authentic said...

WONDERFUL! It sounds like you're in a good place. I hope yesterday afternoon was restful and that this weekend has been a fulfilling start for you. Enjoy tomorrow :-)

Theresa said...

Jerry - hee! No, we're short staffed at work for almost the entire month of March, so it's time to get back.

EcoY - the bell did work, yes! It was a lovely week :)

SA - thank you, the weekend is going nicely too - I do feel rested and ready to return to work. (Although I know that as soon as I step through those doors Monday morning, it will seem like I was never gone - all the more reason to enjoy the time off while it's happening!)