Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Week of Wellness: Day 3

My mind is playing tricks on me today. It's barely halfway through my week off, and already I'm worrying about how little time I have left. I'm stressing out about what I wanted to do that I haven't done, and I'm resenting having to drive into the city when I am comfy and cozy at home, even though my 'schedule' is far from busy. Silly, hey? I need to just decide what I'm doing and then do it. Ok. I guess I'll go do that.


Adam said...

Ahh! I hate that! I always do that when I'm on vacation. First two days, nothin but bliss and a whole week of fun ahead of me. Then the 3rd day or so hits, and suddenly the vacation is over! There's no more time! And it looses it's magic.

When in reality, that should make it even more magical.

Theresa said...

It should! And I even know that, i.e., that all things are impermanent and I should enjoy the moment because it comes and then it goes, but ach! Silly attached me!

B said...

You've got lots of time yet! Wednesday doesn't feel like the end of the week when you're at work but I can so relate to those Sunday-night blues that hit mid-vacation.

Enjoy the rest of your wellness week!


Theresa said...

Oh, you're so right Bev. I wouldn't be moaning about the week being almost over if I was at work. That is a good perspective - thanks!

Apple Jack Creek said...

I used to have a real problem with worry (thinking of what was coming) or ruminating (going over and over things from the past).

I found that 'anchoring in the present' really helped - I used a meditation technique that involved truly FEELING your body in the present moment .. often taking off my shoes and socks so I could FEEL the floor under my feet, rubbing my back against the chair, or going outside to breathe cold air. Anything to really 'embody' myself in the now.

It was very helpful for getting me out of the vortex and back into the moment.

Thankfully, life has calmed down enough now that I don't get those vortices very often, but when I do, this really works.

Have a LOVELY week off .. every moment of it. :)

Theresa said...

Hm, you know I used to do that years ago, a literal grounding technique when I volunteered at a crisis line and things got intense. Thank you for that very timely reminder!

Jerry said...

Ahhh the difference between knowing and being.


This is why I have always been so very uninterested in the whole "job" thing, while really not minding some hard work.

Good luck with all the rest of your planned activities, and the unplanned!

Simply Authentic said...

My 2 bits: Follow your heart to lead you to what to enjoy today. Yes, your list had a lot of great stuff on it, but being mindful and present means truly filling the need of your heart, body, soul, and mind--something we often can't do when we're focused on work and the million other things that need to be done routinely. Why make your week of wellness follow the same old "need/accomplishment" pattern as a regular week? Listen to your internal needs instead.

And two, it's Thursday! Yes yesterday was hump day, but you started your week numbering on Monday so truthfully you're on day 4 and you've still got today and 3 entirely blissful days ahead of you! That's 3.5 whole days to get much relaxation accomplished, and 3.5 more days than you usually get! Soak it up :-)

Sending you a big relaxing hug :-)

Theresa said...

Jerry - yes, indeed. It reminds me of, well, a few different sayings, but the one from the Matrix stands out most: there is a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path. Here's to more walking!

SA, thank you. I did end up doing what I wanted to yesterday, and not driving into the city afterall. That meant that I didn't get something on my list accomplished, but once I had accepted that, I really enjoyed the evening (particularly watching Canada win the hockey game!)