Saturday, 5 May 2007

The Wonders of Tea

I was reading a post on the Tea House website yesterday morning, and a poster there was talking about his struggles with acting in a Taoist manner. He said he would like to:

"gather strength like a cup of tea brewing"

I stopped short in my reading tracks after reading that.

To me, Tea is such a wonderful metaphor for so many things. When I read that statement I had an immediate visual of looking down into a cup of tea and seeing the elixir swirling and building in color and taste. And the pleasant anticipation of being able to taste the tea in a little while, along with the feeling of relaxation that sitting and drinking a nice 'cuppa' brings.

Tea seems to say that things will happen in their own good time, and in the best possible way if we let them. To me, that is what cultivating Tao is all about.

Then, the universe seemed to decide to illustrate this point to me, when later the same day I received a lovely package of Mighty Leaf green tea from my online friend Karen at Guinea Lynx. So I brewed a cup, and drank in the flavor, aroma, and kindness.