Tuesday, 15 May 2007

In Defiance of Frost

I had to plant some flowers. Pansies are supposed to be able to sustain a bit of coolness, even a light frost, so I decided to take the plunge and plant a few. It is so good to see some color again, after the monochromatic winter season. I appreciate Winter, but I have been longing for Spring, and the chance to dig in the dirt again.

Plus we finally put up our house number, on the half whiskey-barrel planter. There are two of these planters, one on each side of the driveway. It does look very nice when I drive in after work.

Next weekend I will plant some more things, like the Morning Glory seeds that I started about a month ago and which are growing like crazy in their little seed starter thingies. I have also planted Lavender, Marigold, Viola and Sunflower seeds, but they are still to small to plant outside this weekend.

Gord is looking into getting dirt delivered for our next grass planting project. The price of dirt has gone way up since we last planted grass two years ago. What a pain. It will probably cost us double this time. Good thing we are seeding and not getting sod. It sure will be nice to have a proper grass yard though -- then I will finally be able to plant some other bulbs and perennials and such. I do love our yard and all of its little plants, critters and birds.