Sunday, 6 May 2007

Beginnings and Endings

Sundays for me are a day where I can sleep in for a while, and maybe read in bed while having a cup of tea. It's such a nice way to ease into the day. Sundays are days where I try to rest my body and my mind. Sometimes it's more of one than the other.

Today I was able to sleep in and have tea and read in bed, and then Gord and I went outside and did some work in the yard. The hyacinths have bloomed fully now, and my perennial geraniums are beginning to poke through the soil. It looks like some irises and day lilies are coming up as well, and a few reddish shoots of my delphiniums are visible too. These things made me smile.

But then we were reminded of the fleetingness of all life. While I was checking out the compost, I looked over into a bucket that had filled with snow and then melted. Sadly, there was a drowned squirrel in there.

I went and told Gord about it, and we were both sad. It was our fault that the squirrel had drowned. We should have turned all the buckets upside down before winter came. The poor squirrel probably jumped in there and fell through a thin sheet of ice, and then couldn't get back out.

We found a nice spot to bury him, near the sunflower seed feeder that he had made his winter home in. We took some sunflowers and some peanuts and put them in the little grave. And I took some of his bedding moss and fluff and put it in there too, for him to lay on. Then we covered him and planted some flower seeds on his resting place. Later, we will sound the gong for him, and wish him Godspeed. The sound of the gong will strengthen and then fade away, another example of how all things have a beginning and an end.