Saturday, 12 May 2007

The Beauty of Green

There's nothing like the color of New Spring Green. Newly emerged leaves have the most refreshing shade of green there is.

The leaves in our yard are starting to pop out everywhere, including the ones on our Schubert Chokecherry tree in the front yard. Just looking at the leaves gives me a feeling of peace, and that things are OK with the world. Everything is getting a fresh start.

I went to the local nursery today, Prairie Gardens , and picked up some flower arrangements in window boxes for my mom and two sisters and my sister-in-law. It's Mother's Day tomorrow and my littlest sister and my sister-in-law are having their very first Mother's Day. And it was a good reason (excuse?) to go to the nursery and get some flowers. I also got some pansies and a few herbs (two kinds of parsley and some oregano) for myself, which I will plant tomorrow. Some of the seeds I planted are already sprouting, which is a hopeful and happy sign.

Tomorrow I hope to get a start on preparing where our small raised vegetable garden bed will be. I have to put down some newspapers and/or plastic sheets for a while to kill off any weeds first. Then it will be time to buy some landscape ties and make the raised bed itself! I have never had a garden before, and I am very excited about it!