Saturday, 16 February 2008

Bread is Beautiful

I am a lover of bread, and all things starchy. When I saw this recipe in a recent issue of Mother Earth News magazine, I was itching to try it. While the recipe doesn't involve kneading, it does involve some foresight and planning, which my scatterbrained self has a hard time coming up with sometimes. But last night I remembered to mix the ingredients together, so they could sit overnight and do magical and yeasty things.

I have just taken the loaf out of the oven, and it is the most beautiful looking loaf of bread I have ever made. It looks like something from a fancy bread shop, and as you can see from the picture, it actually looks like the picture in the magazine! When I cook, it never looks like the picture in the magazine, so I was pretty happy! Now I have to wait an hour for the loaf to cool so I can finally have a taste of this delicious looking creation. Hmmm....that might be just enough time to whip up some handmade butter, a la Crunchy Chicken Cooks.

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