Tuesday, 18 March 2008

My organic cotton net produce bags are here!

I was so excited (some may say unduly so) about the arrival of a package in the mail from reusablebags.com yesterday!

Since I've been using my canvas bags to go grocery shopping it has seemed strange to still put my fruit and veggies in plastic bags to take home. So now I have 15 of these neat net bags to use instead. This will reduce our plastic bag consumption by quite a bit, and significantly reduce the clutter in my pantry as well.

The cashiers at the grocery stores had mostly stopped looking at me funny when I dumped my batch of canvas bags on the checkout counter. Now they will have a new reason to look at me funny, but I don't mind too much. I'm getting used to it, and I guess I'm less afraid to look weird than I used to be.


Jane said...

Eventually we'll be looking as those who still use plastic as weird. The tide will turn, the tipping point will happen, at least that's what I keep telling myself!

Theresa said...

That will be a good day!

G. Harrison said...

hi theresa,

could you tell me about Sunny Boy cereal? haven't heard of it.

though not yet tired of my brilliant oatmeal recipe I do branch out on occasion, partly because of Hazel Nut's prodding.



Theresa said...

Sunny Boy cereal is similar to Red River cereal I think, but it is made here in Alberta. They have a website of sorts, www.sunnyboyfoods.com, but it only shows their address and phone number. I'm not sure if you can get it out your way or not, but I sure like it. They have organic flour and whole wheat pancake mix as well.

Anonymous said...

Cool bags. I was going to ask you about whether the cashers made any comments or looked at you funny. The grocery people are more or less used to people bringing their bags. The drug stores, the Targets, and other stores, they all sort of flinch when I put the purchase in my own bag. But who cares, right? I've found that is a beautiful part about not being 20 anymore. Now I care much less what people think of me...

Theresa said...

Oh, ya, I really like the freedom of not being 20 something any more. The 40 something years are turning out just fine that way!

I'll be using these new mesh bags for the first time this week, so it will be interesting to see what kind of looks I get. The mesh is fairly open, so I'm hoping the produce code numbers will be visible enough for the cashier to read. They will just have to open the drawstring on the bag if not, I guess. Which I will help them with of course.

It is definitely less common to not take a bag at a drug store or somewhere like that. Although oddly enough, the place I got the most resistance was one time at a farmer's market: the lady selling home made jam said that she had to give me a plastic bag to wrap the glass jam jar in, for "safety" reasons. I assured her the jar would be very safe in my cloth bag, nestled up against the produce in there, but she was doubtful. I did get away without a plastic bag though!