Sunday, 19 April 2009

First Birds, and a Gardening Update

Yesterday we saw the first robin of the year! That is always a happy day, because it signals that Spring is most definitely here. There is nothing like the song of a robin to cheer one out of Winter's stupor - it seems to remind my ears that there are more than just monotones to hear.

We also saw a bit of a silly sight - a ruffed grouse way up in an aspen tree, nibbling on the fuzzy buds. Grouse seem to be silly creatures, and this one was walking around on the tree as though it was still on the ground. It seemed to be stepping without care to wherever the fuzziest (yummiest?) buds were, no matter how far out on a limb he had to go. It sure gave us a chuckle. Eventually he fluttered down to the ground again, blending in with the still-brown landscape. Later on, we heard him making his drumming sound, advertising for a mate.

I managed to get some weeding done yesterday, and also uncovered the strawberry plants which were heavily mulched with straw. They were all alive, and even green under there, so I replaced the damp straw with dry and they should get a good start now. Also, my chives have begun to sprout again, and the thyme and lavender made it through the winter unscathed as well. So far, so good.

Of the plants I seeded last weekend, the perennial salad green French Sorrel is the first to sprout. It will be planted in with the rest of my perennial herbs and plants, once it gets big enough. I hope to have enough seedlings to pass on to family and friends as well, since I seeded quite a few.

Today is another lovely day, and I will go out and plant some borage in my two half whiskey barrels - that should look nice with the pansies that have self-seeded in there the past two years. Then at 3 pm (or thereabouts), I'll stop for tea of course! Do join me, if you get the chance!


Amber said...

I missed tea at 3pm 'cause I was out at my garden plot planting spinach, lettuce, radishes and peas, but I'm having some tea now.

Love the story of the grouse. They are pretty silly birds.

Hope you had lovely spring day in the garden.

Theresa said...

I didn't get to tea until about 3:30 myself, for much the same reason Amber.

I am quite fond of the silly grouse - I love their naivete.

I did have a nice day out there - hope yours was the same!