Friday, 10 April 2009

April Showers, and other random thoughts.

Ah, it's raining. Not snowing.

I think Spring may have actually arrived! I went outside this morning to take a few pictures of things like the patch of green grass I saw near the sidewalk, and the amazing site of my thyme and lavender that actually seem to have survived the Winter. Birds are chirping like crazy out there, the squirrels are chasing each other all about, and it's raining. A nice, soft drizzle that you can hear patting the ground as the drops land. It made me smile.

I think my brain must be infected by Spring this morning as well, because I'm thinking all sorts of different things, like is Twitter useful or just another way to broadcast random thoughts out into cyber space? Some of these things like Facebook and Twitter just seem so narcissistic and egotistical to me, but yet they appeal to me and my fondness for gadget-y and neat things of all sorts. And if Facebook and Twitter are egotistical, then so are blogs I suppose. Hmm. I have decided to try out the Twitter thing anyway after a few friends and family members joined, and when I saw that even Thich Nhat Hanh has an official Twitter feed. So I've linked my twitterings (tweets?) in the side bar there - so far I'm thinking it could serve as a mini-updater for this blog, one which would contain shorter ponderings.

And now, right now as I type this, there is a story on CBC's Q, about this very thing: the narcissistic tendencies of the current society and how social networking sites figure large in this this trend. The Ego Boom is the book that host Jian Ghomeshi is talking to the authors about, and how focusing on enhancing kids' self esteem over the last 20+ years has actually raised a generation of people who think they are close to perfect, have the right to choose among limitless options, and are entitled to be famous. Ack, perhaps I should reconsider this whole blog/facebook/twitter thing after all.

Another thing I am thinking about today is the amazingness of Vandana Shiva, (who as it happens, is linked via the CBC program, The Current, which also has a twitter feed.) Vandana Shiva started the Navdanya organization, which has been instrumental in fights against logging, water depletion and genetically modified seeds. When I was listening to The Current on the radio this morning, Dr. Shiva related the astounding statistic that 200 000 farmers in Pakistan and/or India have committed suicide over the past decade because they lost their farms to Agribusiness. Dr. Shiva and her organization have been working to help farmers return to organic farming practices, with amazing results. Good things happen when people live out their principles in the everyday practices of their lives.

These random and unpolished ponderings brought to you by the effects of Spring!

Oh, and one more random goody I just heard about: Depression Cooking with Clara. These are YouTube videos of a 91 year old lady cooking and giving tips about how to stay healthy in tough times. She is adorable, and one smart lady.


SoapBoxTech said...

I'm with you. Spring is my favorite season for all the reasons you mention and all those too numerous to mention. I'm also a big fan of Vandana Shiva. Her voice is one of the biggest reasons I argue so strenuously against GM crops, the IMF and World Bank, and multinational corporatism. While I worry that Maude Barlow may have been brought to heel , I do not think Dr. Shiva could ever be.

Eco Yogini said...

I need to read Vandana Shiva's books. Andrew has one (from his sociology of food course)... I am just a little lazy.

I will be looking into the Current program today though- the cbc rocks!

Happy Spring!!

Theresa said...

I am itching for Spring, no doubt about it.

Why do you think Maude Barlow may have been 'brought to heel'? I agree that Dr. Shiva has faced opposition and hardship that I can not even imagine, and still fights the good fight - she was so eloquent today on the radio, I got goosebumps.

Theresa said...

EcoYogini - the CBC does indeed rock! I don't have any of Vandana Shiva's books, but will certainly be keeping my eye out for them now, at my favorite used book store and the library :)

SoapBoxTech said...

Theresa, it's just my gut feeling at this point. She's been awful quiet since accepting that UN chair position.

Theresa said...

That's a good point, I hadn't thought about that.