Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Returning to Simple Things

It's the simple things that get me through. I was glad to have had a reminder of that today.

I've been so riled up about the wetland drainage and so frustrated about the way the Canadian election campaign is going that I lost sight of the satisfaction in little things. Today for some reason the little things stuck with me, and made me smile.

The first thing I appreciated was my visit to my favorite used bookstore after work. I had a nice muffin and a chai latte, chatted with the new owner of the shop and picked up a good book on medicinal and practical uses of essential oils, as well as a novel by Miriam Toews I'd heard so much about.

The next nice thing was a visit to the farmer's market, where the honey lady and the cucumber lady both recognized me, and where I heard a little kid say while running, "Mom, look for the pickles Mom!" And I heard the mom reply, "The pickles will be on the right side, honey!"

So, no matter who wins or loses this election, there will still be good books and good people, still much to be thankful for. I needed to remember that today. I'll try to remember it tomorrow, too.


Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

Great post! It is often hard to think about the simple things when there is so much going on in our own countries, but they help us get through the day and maintain our sanity.

Thanks for the reminder - we all need one every once in awhile.

Theresa said...

I surely needed reminding :)

I went out and took a few pictures of the fall leaves today - another good reminder of the beauty in simple things.

Simply Authentic said...

Always a good thing to remember definitely. I have to admit I've been loving the last week for the same reason....