Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Can you say "Massive Public Backlash"?

Update: We Won! Democracy won, actually - hooray!


It looks like speaking out might just have done it this time!

Harper and Layton now say they don't object to having Elizabeth May in the nationally televised election debates. It shouldn't matter whether or not these two object, but apparently to the consortium who makes these decisions, it does. According the CBC article linked above, the group of media executives will make a final decision about including Elizabeth May in the debates on Friday, September 12th. But according to this announcement on the Green Party website, a decision could be made as soon as later today.

Knowing the fervor with which Canadians have voiced their opinion on this matter, let's hope they do the right thing and listen to the people! They've got more than enough time to dust off that fifth podium, last used in the 2000 election, and put it up on the debating stage.

If you haven't expressed your opinion yet, there is still time! Go to and sign the petition.


Green Assassin Brigade said...

While it's nice to have a little victory once in a while, in the big scheme of saving mankind and the world this was only a rain drop in the ocean. sigh!

Off to check my mail and decide where I can plant 200 Green Party signs this weekend

Theresa said...

I'll take that raindrop today - it's one we didn't have yesterday! I've got my nice reusable Green Party sign out front again - looking forward to seeing more of them!