Tuesday, 30 September 2008


People who read this blog now and then may have noticed that I have a tendency to be all enthusiastic and hopeful sometimes, and all upset and ranty at other times. I would like to be more consistently hopeful and uplifting in the things that I post, but sometimes life just "grinds my crackers" as our lovable blogger Crunchy Chicken would say.

I've enjoyed Crunchy's Blog for quite a while - I think hers was the second 'green' blog I started reading, right after No Impact Man. These and many other bloggers (see sidebar!) have given me hope and lifted my spirits many times over the past two years or so. Even their rants make me hopeful, because when we get mad in the name of a good cause and then do something about it, we reclaim just a little bit more of our voice, our citizenship, and even our humanity.

Just recently I came across another blog, called A Buddhist Perspective. And I found it just at the time when I needed to collect myself, quiet my spirit and just slow down. Funny how things happen like that - a Taoist wu wei moment while finding a Buddhist blog - is that neat or what? And lo and behold, right around the same time I found another Alberta blogger, SoapBoxTech who is concerned about the environment too, and who is looking to reject greed and 'nudge people awake'.

While smiling about my two new finds, a line from a childhood song popped into my mind: "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine." And then I thought: All these blogs, they are like candles. They are little lights, shining in the darkness. Each of these blogs represents a person or a group of people who are passionate about the whole of the Earth, and who want to live simply and gratefully within its means. And they aren't afraid to talk about it - About the ups and downs, the hopes and the frustrations.

Thanks to all of you for shining, especially when times seem dark.


SoapBoxTech said...

Thank you as well! I couldn't agree with these sentiments more.

I would not worry about the upset and ranty times tho, part of life is suffering, pain, or frustration (all of which can range from light to severe), enduring them and/or getting past them if possible. I don't mean to suggest wallowing in those moments, but just to accept them and work within those emotions as well. Venting is important. Those also searching for enlightenment will understand.

And on a side note, that SoapBoxTech person sounds fascinating too...

Amber said...

Thank you for this beautiful post!

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

Wonderful post Theresa! I too enjoy your rants, they help me feel like I am not alone, they really do. And I appreciate your reminding us to enjoy the small things, do what we can, and always appreciate small acts of kindness. That is why your blog is one of my favorites, and I gave you a "blog award" on my blog a few days ago. (It is in the "weekly local booty" update for the week if you want to check it out.)

E said...

Thanks for the lonks to new inspring blogs.

Rejecting greed is a key missing ingredient in all the talk about environment/economics/future.

Theresa said...

Thanks SBT - I do need to let off some steam and sarcasm now and then. Regular doses of the Jon Stewart show and the Colbert Report in the US and This Hour has 22 Minutes and the Mercer Report in Canada, also really help when I need the sharp bite of satire! But when I need a good dose of hope - I definitely turn to the blogosphere :) I'm looking forward to see what fascinating thing that SoapBoxTech person writes about next! ;)

Thank you Amber - you are so diligent at posting at your blog and that is really encouraging to me. And it's so nice to connect with other Canadian bloggers :)

Jennifer - how kind of you! I'll post about the award soon, when I can narrow the blogs I love down to 7! Thanks for all the delicious veggie recipes at your blog - they really help a new vegetarian like me branch out into new flavors and combinations of things.

E - Greed seems to be the basis for pretty much every problem, doesn't it? What void are we trying to fill that nothing is ever enough? How can we get to a point again as a species where being content is sufficient? How can we even start to want to get there? Lots to think about....