Friday, 27 June 2008

CSA Bounty ! - Week Two

It was Tuesday evening and I was just getting back from an appointment after work, when it hit me: Tuesday is CSA pick-up day! AcK! I had completely forgotten. It was pretty late by then, way past the 4 hour pick-up window, and after calling the CSA farmers and leaving a message, I pretty much figured that was that. I re-read our introductory email from the CSA and was reminded that un-picked-up shares would be donated. I was glad my forgetfulness wouldn't lead to any waste, but irked at myself for forgetting something really important.

The next day, the CSA farmers reply to my email and say they've saved my share, and I can come and get it on Thursday. And once again I am thankful for the kindness and generosity of these people who are growing and harvesting and cleaning and keeping my food for me, until I can get my cluttered head emptied out of the things that don't matter, so there's room in there again for the things that do matter.

So yesterday I go to the farm after work and collect my share from the farm's harvest shed where it is patiently waiting for me. In the bag are a big bunch of chard and another one of kale, a large head of romaine lettuce, and another huge head of red leaf lettuce (I think). When I get home, I heat up my favorite frying pan and cook up all the chard the way I like it. When I feel the red lettuce I get a vision of "Dutch salad" from when I was little and I just have to make it. I call up my mom and get the recipe for this simple and delicious salad: red lettuce, oil, vinegar, and two boiled eggs - one to mix in the vinaigrette and one for garnish. A little ground pepper on top and with the first bite I am transported back to childhood. While talking to my mom on the phone she tells that I loved this salad so much when I was little that I even wanted to bring it to my elementary school when it was "bring food from your cultural heritage" day.

So it turns out my dinner had more than just almost all local ingredients yesterday: it also contained heaping helpings of generosity and nostalgia!


Heather @ SGF said...

Ooh. Yummy salad. I guess I'm not the only one that wishes CSAs in my area delivered :)

Theresa said...

Delivery would be nice alright, but I have a feeling there would just be no time for them to do that. The farmers already bring the shares to two drop off points in the nearest city and then they do a farmer's market in the city one day a week as well. I'm lucky to live relatively close to the farm itself - I can get it directly from there, when my silly brain remembers that is!

Chile said...

That was really nice of them to save it for you. Your food sounds tasty!

Theresa said...

It was really nice of them, indeed. :) I can't wait to see what's in this week's share, which I pick up tomorrow. Yes, I will remember to pick it up tomorrow!