Wednesday, 5 September 2007

What to do?

There are days when I get so confused and disheartened about the state of the planet. Then there are other days where I have hope and think, even believe, that humanity will get its act together and actually do something to stop us all from hurtling down this apocalyptic slope. On those kinds of days I think Al Gore is right, if we all just get together and change our light bulbs, turn down the furnace and stop using plastic bags, maybe we'll be ok. But then there are the other days, like today, where I can't help but think along the lines that this guy does, and that it's too late to do anything but brace ourselves for frying in the dark.

And no matter what kind of day it is for me on this front, I wonder what should I do about it? Should I talk to people about my concerns or shut up because they're getting tired of hearing it already? Should I worry about the privately-owned nuclear power plant they're probably going to build a couple hundred miles north of here, or be thankful it's not another coal mine? Should I keep trying to grow my own food or quit because there's not enough time for me to learn how to grow enough and preserve it properly anyway? Should I just keep politely telling people I've become vegetarian for health reasons or scream out loud that factory farming is one of the most horrific and cruel things we humans do to the species with whom we share this one planet?

Some days, like today, I just don't know what to do.

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chile said...

I go through the same thing, Theresa. Sorry the article I linked was distressing. A friend actually calls the author "the most optimistic pessimist I've ever met." I think there's some wisdom there.

Theresa said...

I really enjoyed that article actually Chile! It was very cleverly written and a good wake up call. Plus he does focus on the hope and friendship aspects which are very positive. It's just that sometimes looking ahead is potentially very bleak. Sometimes I wish some bad things would happen, so people would wake up sooner and see we have to change how we do things. But then I take that thought back because of course I don't want bad things to happen! It leaves me in a weird headspace that can be so draining sometimes.