Saturday, 14 July 2007

Garden Update

Just as I suspected, nearly a week of 30 degree Celsius weather has caused the garden to grow like crazy. I've been able to harvest a whole bunch of lettuce, some spinach, some beat greens, a few radishes and this morning, some cilantro. The oat grass just keeps on growing, almost faster than I can pick it. The rainbow chard is coming along, looking quite chard-y, just miniature yet. The one lonely pea plant keeps growing, but no peas for the time being.

The strawberry plants are still growing, but a berry predator (I strongly suspect the neighbor's cat) has eaten the few strawberries that were ripe. The wild raspberries are ripening as well, and should be ready in a couple more weeks. We are also lucky to have Saskatoon bushes all throughout our acreage, which are quite delicious. (The berries that is, not the bushes.)

Next year we'll probably expand by another 4X4 raised bed and plant some things we can store for the winter, like potatoes. Even though I made a few poor choices of things to plant, like the sweet peppers and the basil thyme, I'm considering this little garden a success!

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