Monday, 24 May 2010

Super Sprouts!

I planted most of my veggie garden last weekend, and I think the record for fastest sprout ever has to go to......endive! I decided to plant these particular leafy greens this year because our guinea pigs just love them, and it is a type of green that we don't get from our CSA farm share. I popped out to the garden yesterday afternoon, not expecting to see anything, but there they were: three rows of adorable endive seedlings! Usually it is the beans that sprout first, but these little guys just couldn't wait!

We've been fortunate and had several days of rain last week, but it was also very cold (with even a frost warning last night) so I figured sprouting would be delayed for everything. The garden has new lessons to teach me all the time...

How are your gardens doing? How has your Spring weather been?


Eco Yogini said...

holy i am so excited!!! although we won't be having a balcony in our new place in July, we decided to plant anyways a few weeks ago.

and the lettuce is growing, and the radishes and broccoli and strawberries!!! we are pumped!

the endives look super cute :) so far Halifax has been HOT these past few weeks. right now- 30 degrees (ick!)

Theresa said...

Sounds terrific! Radishes are super fast sprouters too - I forgot about those! You should be able to get a crop of radishes and lettuce no problem before you move, I would think.

We had 30 degree weather two weeks ago - ick is right! Today it's about 17 and that is just right for me :)

Eco Yogini said...

oh fantastic! i will most certainly post pictures of our first harvest :)

17 degrees sounds perfect... but then I chose to move back to Halifax... lol

Theresa said...

Yes do please post pictures! I've grown lettuce in containers for the past two years now - works really well!

Hope the weather cools down some for you...:)