Saturday, 17 October 2009

Squash Quandary

Last week was our last delivery of veggies from our organic CSA farm. One of the things we got was the adorable pumpkin on the right.

The week previously, we received the two squash further to the left. At first I thought the orange one was also a pumpkin, but it is kinda different from the thing we got last week, which I know for sure is a pumpkin. And the zeppelin squash has thrown me off completely! Does anyone know what these two could be? Are they edible or just decorative?


B said...

The middle one is a Delicata squash, also known as "sweet potato" squash. It is just about the best tasting squash ever and has lots of flesh and not a lot of seeds to deal with. You lucked in with that one.

I don't know about the other orange one, but all squash are edible (some have more or less flesh is all), so don't be afraid of it. If it's really hard you can just bake the whole thing and then cut it open when it's softer.

Hope that helps!


Heather said...

Hi, I think the orange one is Uchiki Kuri squash and I think the middle one is Delicata squash.

- Heather

Theresa said...

Thank you Heather and Bev! I have never heard of either of these squash, so I'm looking forward to trying them out!

Anonymous said...

Kuri's are gooood. The rind is insanely hard so don't cut yr hand off trying to crack it:) Seriously, you could use an axe if you have one.
Apparently they are also called Kabocha.

Theresa said...

Thanks for the warning Claire! I do have an ax, and a chopping log, so maybe I will try that first!

B said...

I forgot to mention that if you bake it whole, you have to stab it a few times first so you don't have a squash explosion in your oven.

Bev, who's glad she remembered that little tidbit.

Jerry said...

Nice gratuitous frank'n'beans shot there, lady T.

Theresa said...

Ack! Unintentional, I can assure you!

Chile said...

As Bev already told you, all winter squash are edible. I used to buy the little pumpkins and squash sold in grocery stores as holiday decorations - after the holidays, they were still good and on sale for next to nothing. Some of the mini-pumpkins have the best flavor!

Hope you enjoyed your squashes, Theresa.