Sunday, 15 March 2009

Winter, continued.

About this time last year I was yearning for Spring, and this year is no different. We have had a season of vast fluctuations in temperature, and just when I thought we had finally come through Winter, today we get another six inches or so of snow.

I don't mind the snow really -- we do need the moisture in the Spring. But I am longing to see the actual ground again, and those first few shoots of green. I will have to be patient.

I learned a Winter lesson today: It is better to mark the location of the cistern lid and vent before the snow covers it up, then to have to dig all over the place later and hope you find it! I finally did find the necessary bits, and have now marked them with some flaggy items. At least now the water delivery guy will know where to go!

Well, back to shoveling....


Amber said...

While we've still got lots of snow on the ground in Ottawa, we finally had a few mild days, with lots of sunshine. So much so, that I brought the sun oven out and cooked beets and parsnips with it!
Spring may still be a ways off, but the sun's warm enough for cooking.
Any doubts I had about using the sun oven at a northern latitude were erased today.
Hope things warm up again for you soon!

Anonymous said...

We're finally just starting to see the ground become exposed here. This week is suppose to be beautiful, perfect sugaring weather (40's in the day, teens at night) but I know it's only March. I'm waiting for the big late season dumping of snow on us. I know it'll happen just when we think it's over and then BAM! Another foot. It's okay though, Friday officially starts spring. :)

Theresa said...

Amber - I have noticed that the sun is suprisingly warm these days, when it does make an appearance ;) I'm glad to hear of your success with the Sun Oven this early in the year - do you mind asking you who you ordered it through (although I think you said on your blog it was a gift?) and if the shipping was outrageous?

Sensible - mmmm...sugaring, that reminds me of the Little House books. I'm also looking forward to the 'official' start of Spring, even though I know we will still have a lot of snow around yet. March is a wacky month like that!