Sunday, 6 April 2008

First Seeds

It is still quite chilly around here - we even had a dusting of snow again over the weekend. Most of it has melted, but there is still the rest of the Winter's snow to melt yet.

I've really had a hankering to plant some seeds though, so I mixed up some potting soil today and started a few seeds that, according to the package, need a fair amount of lead time, before they can be planted outside. The kale packaged didn't have any information on it though, so I thought I'd start a few of those anyway, just to see what happens. So the seeds I've planted today are Russian Kale, Northern Exposure Tomato, and Lednicky Lettuce. And I've started some Giant Pansies too, because they are so hardy and brave.

The seeds I ordered from Bowseed were all early growing varieties, but still needed to be planted indoors to start. I will plant a few more things next weekend, once I get together some more containers. The kale is the only thing from the Zero Mile Diet kit - a lot of the other seeds have to be direct seeded by the looks of it.

I pine for a mini portable greenhouse these days, after seeing the permanent, larger ones at the CSA farm. But it's Buy Nothing month, so I will have to dream and pine for a bit longer (probably 'til next year at least!). All the stuff I used today for seeding was ordered last month, or bought last Spring or I've saved it for this purpose over the past year or two. These little seed pots sit in front of a north-facing window - they get lots of light but not too much heat. I've had luck growing other seedlings there before, so hopefully these will take root as well. I am pretty much just guessing how and when to plant all of these things, and hoping for the best. It's a learning experience, that's for sure!

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