Saturday, 5 January 2008

New Challenge: Project NOWASTE

Crunchy Chicken has announced another challenge, and with some trepidation I have signed up for it. It's called Project NOWASTE, which stands for No Overeating While Attempting to Save The Environment - is that catchy or what? Essentially, it's a project designed to help those who want to include reducing their own food intake as part of their overall reduction in consumption. Lightening one's footprint on the earth, literally.

This is a topic I blogged about in the early days of this blog. I was frustrated with myself for being able to reduce our household use of all sorts of things, but not being able to reduce my own food consumption. And I was, and still am, frustrated with my own hypocrisy. I just can't keep on thoughtlessly feasting while most of the world's population is involuntarily fasting. One of the main reasons I became a vegetarian was because I didn't like the idea that food was getting fed to animals, the meat from which only rich people could afford to buy. It would be better that the grain fed to feedlot animals fed people instead. So Project NOWASTE will help me bump this commitment up another notch.

I've been doing some reading lately in some Buddhist texts about mindfulness and its role in slowing down and appreciating what we eat, so I will be posting a bit about that in the near future, and how it can help to reduce personal food consumption.


Hippie Girl said...

I'm joining in too. I might find it easier to lose the weight knowing i'm doing it for the environment!

Theresa said...

Hey that's great! I think it will be really helpful to be able to discuss changing eating habits with others who are also doing it with a global, environmental, social justice type of focus.

By the way, I received my natural mascara from the Suncoat people, who I found out about on your blog, and it is quite nice! No clumping or flaking and it's totally vegan. I need to apply an extra coat or two, but I can easily deal with that.

Chile said...

When people learn I eat a vegan diet, they often worry about offending me with tales of their meals. I make sure to let them know I chose this way of eating primarily for my health and for the environment. It seems to keep them more open to hearing about vegan cooking than if they think I'm going to berate them for hurting animals.

Theresa said...

I think that's a good point. If people ask my why I decided to become vegetarian, I do let them know all the reasons though, which includes for my health, for environmental reasons, for social justice reasons, and because I can't support factory farming practices and conditions. I also just don't want to eat animals anymore.

I admire those who have taken the extra step and gone completely vegan. I try to use as few animal products as possible, but I do still eat eggs and some dairy products. And I use honey. I try not to buy leather items, but I do have quite a few still in use.

Chile said...

I do use honey and we have some leather shoes and belts that we bought used. We do the best we can to select alternatives when possible, but sometimes - for a variety of reasons - it's not.