Tuesday, 25 December 2007

A little controversy for Boxing Day...

The folks at Adbusters are nothing if not controversial. I check out their site now and then, and I came across this ad there, as part of their Buy Nothing Christmas campaign, which goes along with their Buy Nothing Day campaign held each November. When I saw this ad for the first time my jaw dropped and I inhaled sharply from its impact.

I've been debating with myself whether or not to post it because while I don't mind being controversial, I don't want to be offensive. I decided I would post it today, knowing that some will think it goes too far, but in the hopes that it might get people thinking about what they plan to go out and buy tomorrow at all the Boxing Day sales.

I had someone say to me once many years ago that they thought the day was called Boxing Day because of all the new boxes of stuff they came home with after shopping that day. How far from the original meaning of Boxing Day that idea is. Maybe we could use the day instead to reflect on how fortunate we really are, and take some time to rest, reflect and appreciate the things and people in our lives already.


Simply Authentic said...

i found this ad totally interesting!! i wouldn't be afraid to post it....i'm glad you did!

Theresa said...

Whew - thanks for that! I usually find the Adbuster ads to be spot-on with their critique, but sometimes I think their message can get lost when the controversial aspect of the ad is too much.

I Thought it might be a bit too guilt-inducing or holier-than-thou-seeming, which would then likely result in it having the opposite of the intended effect.

J said...

I don't see anything offensive in that at all - it's quite refreshing to see something so "real" for a change instead of all the "crap" the media feeds us about. I'm glad you posted it, too!

(found you through Chile's blog)

J, a peak oil doomer, among other things : )

Theresa said...

Hi J - thanks for stopping by! I guess maybe 'offensive' isn't really the right word. Maybe a better way to describe it would be 'bluntly true', and you're right, we don't often get told the truth, especially by the media.

Ah, I see you are from Canada too!