Monday, 1 October 2007

Local Cooling

I came across a neat and simple piece of software some time ago, called Local Cooling. It maximizes your computer's power saving options, and puts a little indicator on your screen to tell you how much energy you've saved since installing the program, in terms of gallons of oil, kiloWatt hours of electricity and trees. It is free software, and I have it installed on both my home and work computers. It's amazing how the energy savings add up over time, and it is neat to see the savings converted to trees - it makes it more meaningful to me in those terms.

By installing this software I've also noticed that my old CRT-monitor at home sure uses more power than my flat screen at work. But I can't really justify buying a new monitor for home when there's nothing wrong with it.


Simon said...

Too bad that has been down for over two days now :(

Theresa said...

What? Really? Oh no! My program still seems to be running and updating. I will have to check into this further - thanks for letting me know Simon.

Theresa said... says that the Local Cooling site is "taking too long to respond" and could be extra busy. I doubt all the increased traffic is due to the link I posted ;) I sure hope the site is up and running again soon.

Simon said...

The site is up and running now! :)

Theresa said...

Great! I just checked it myself as well and the site is still up today. Hopefully it will remain active, because I think it's a great little program.