Friday, 3 July 2009

Rain and Radishes

It seems fitting somehow that on the day it finally rains, I was able to harvest the first fully grown thing from my garden: radishes. I have been sneaking out some kale and chard leaves, but these are still by all means in the miniature stage. I'm happy to report that the radishes were not bug-eaten at all, and were nicely spicy and crisp. I planted just one small row of radishes this year, since last year I had a huge overabundance of them, and they had become buggy and woody by the time I got them all out of the ground. Last year I just chucked all the radish leaves into the compost too, but this year I am going to try making radish leaf pesto instead!

The rain has left the garden moist and fragrant. Rainwater is so much better for the plants than tap-water, judging by the growth spurt that occurs after the rain falls. There's just nothing more essential than water, yet it can be so easy to take it for granted -- at least until it stops raining.

One of my favorite verses from the Tao Te Ching is about water. I've posted it before, but after last night's welcome rain, it seems to be a good time to post it again. We could all stand to be a little more like water, I think:

Chapter 8

The highest goodness resembles water
Water greatly benefits myriad things without contention
It stays in places that people dislike
Therefore it is similar to the Tao

Dwelling with the right location
Feeling with great depth
Giving with great kindness
Speaking with great integrity
Governing with great administration
Handling with great capability
Moving with great timing

Because it does not contend
It is therefore beyond reproach

Translation by Derek Lin


SoapBoxTech said...

It's always amazed me that folks who do not grow things (primarily those who have only ever lived in cities) only ever seem to be happy when the sun is shining. It doesn't seem to dawn on them, even after having it pointed out, just how important is the rain.

Even if I had not grown up on a farm I think I would know. Rarely do I feel as alive as during a warm temperature spring/summer downpour. I even loved the constant rain of winters on Vancouver Island.

It is finally raining nicely outside as I comment here. Just started about 15 minutes ago. Gosh I hope it pours all day!


Theresa said...

I have noticed that too, SBT. At work people always seem to be complaining that the weather is not to their liking, particularly on the weekend. I lived on Vancouver Island for several years too, and find the sound of rainfall very cozy. I like to just sit and listen to it on the roof. Yesterday we were out doing some yardwork and it started to rain, and we just stood and watched it for a while. I hope your rainfall lasted all day as you wished!

SoapBoxTech said...

Nah, it only lasted for an hour, maybe. but better than nothing! I'm going out to the farm shortly to see what it helped, if anything.

Theresa said...

We have a forecast for showers tomorrow and then rain the next - how about you?

SoapBoxTech said...

Two days of glorious showers, some heavy and some light. so well needed that the wind was even welcome. its calm right now tho, and raining beautifully.

Theresa said...

Ah, glad to hear it. We had rain here today too - more forecast for tomorrow :)

SoapBoxTech said...

I hope you got plenty of rain. Sun is coming out nicely again here now so things should burst upward! hopefully for you too.