Saturday, 24 November 2007


When I am not overcome with apocalyptic angst, I'm often trying out new things to cook or bake, using ingredients that will grow in my Alberta climate. Today I tried a recipe for 'apple chips.' I had a whole bunch of apples that we were given by family living on Vancouver Island when we visited there last month, and a lot of the apples were going soft. I didn't want to waste them, and I wanted to try something other than applesauce to use them up. So I looked into drying them, and found a recipe to make apple chips. This recipe used the heat of the oven to crisp the apple slices into chips, but it could also be done in a solar oven or just by leaving the apples out in the open air.

I sliced the apples horizontally, and then placed the slices on cookie sheets that had been covered in parchment paper and dusted with icing sugar. Half of the slices I dusted further with a cinnamon/sugar mix and half I left plain. After about 2 1/2 hours at 225 degrees F, the apple slices looked delicious! They weren't quite crisp yet, probably because I cut some of the slices a bit too thickly. A 1/8th inch slice seems to work just right. So I'm letting the thicker ones air dry, and they'll be just fine.

Apple chips: I bet I can't eat just one!


daharja said...

Your blog reads:

"One day I woke up and considered myself part of the planet instead of just living on the planet. Now what?"

Here's a couple of answers:


It's not all bad. Have hope.

Theresa said...

Hi daharja;

I'm actually really glad I woke up to that realization. I think it's one of the most positive realizations a person can have. I think there would be lots of good things happening if everyone could get a sense of the oneness of all things. It makes everything much more personally important, which is one of the conditions that motivates people to change how they do things. So I do have hope!

I will check out those links - thanks!

P~ said...

Theresa, I was so glad to hear about your recent volunteering. It helps, when you learn that your a part of the planet, to help make that planet a better place. don't be a stranger!
Bye the way, the apples look awesome.

Theresa said...

Thanks p~! I do have to do a bit of fine tuning with the apple chips, namely slicing them a bit thinner. But they are quite delicious and easy to prepare.

The volunteer stuff does really help to keep things in perspective alright. Thanks for stopping by :)